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Social Classes

Classes located at Nundah Memorial Hall, 16 Boyd Road, Nundah. 7-9pm

Our social classes cater for absolute beginners, returning and experienced dancers. Everyone is welcome!

Classes are structured to give everyone a good taste of each dance and the opportunity to follow up their learning with practice.

Pay as you go! There are no upfront term or registration fees. Come as often as you like and pay at the door. So easy!

Beginners & Intermediate Class

An introduction to the very basics of Standard Ballroom and Latin American dance, as well as some fun progressive dances.

What to expect

Our Friday night beginners class starts with a progressive dance to get everyone moving.

We learn the steps for a Ballroom dance, and spend time dancing it. We then go over the steps of a Latin dance, and again, spend time dancing it. We repeat these two dances the following week to give everyone a chance to get to know the dances. So, we might do a Waltz and a Cha Cha Cha for two weeks, followed by a Quickstep and a Rumba for two weeks, and then a Foxtrot and Jive for the next two weeks, and so on.

The class finishes with another progressive dance.

Suitable for beginners & semi advanced.

There are no up-coming events

Advanced Class

Expand on your technique and repertoire in our advanced class. 

What to expect

Take on one Standard Ballroom and one Latin American dance per night. We stay on each dance for a two week period so you can learn, practice, review and become confident of the steps before moving on. Learn two new dances every fortnight. Progressive dances to upbeat music are also included in this class. 

Suitable for intermediate and advanced dancers.

There are no up-coming events